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How 'We put you first.'

First National Group of Independent Real Estate Agents

Like many modern success stories, the First National Real Estate Network can be traced back to humble beginnings. Early in 1981, a small group of independent Victorian rural real estate agents met to discuss the possibility of forming an association to maximise the effectiveness of their business in the face of increased competition from large, franchised organisations. As a result of this initial meeting, a steering committee was formed and given the task of establishing the ideals upon which such an organisation would be based. On three key issues the committee was unanimous.

The association should:

  • Have the potential to develop nationally and internationally to provide its clients with a powerful network referral.
  • Allow member offices to retain their independence, so they can continue to provide clients with local expertise.
  • Seek the membership of only the very best agents in any particular town or suburb.

With these broad goals in mind, the ‘First National Group of Independent Real Estate Agents Limited’ was incorporated as a public company on 3rd December 1981, and the first Board of Directors elected on 16th February 1982. A program of growth was launched immediately. To ensure consistent quality of service, however, the membership criteria was further refined and expanded, with only those agencies possessing the following qualities being considered:

  • Integrity and proven expertise
  • A flawless reputation
  • The desire to provide exceptional service
  • Progressive leadership in their area
  • Commitment to the ideals of the Network

Right around the nation, the unique First National philosophy struck a chord with agencies and clients alike, with membership and sales rising steadily


With a plethora of different real estate brands in Australia and New Zealand - why choose a First National agent? At First National nothing gets in the way of you and your needs. Whether you are buying or selling, you will always be treated as our top priority.

Our commitment - We Put You First – says it all
The First National Real Estate network exists specifically to deliver on this promise. By choosing First National, you will be selecting a professional who understands your priorities and is backed by industry leading marketing systems, technologies and quality standards.

Local Knowledge
All First National Real Estate offices are selected based upon their ethical standing and superior knowledge of their locality.

Guarantee of Superior Customer Service
Our commitment is to always provide the highest standards of customer service to our clients. To deliver such standards, selected First National Real Estate offices have implemented a Best Practice Quality Assurance System that leaves nothing to chance.

With around 500 offices across Australia and New Zealand, First National Real Estate combines local knowledge with national strength to be at the forefront of real estate.ff

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